OIl Company Lost Records

We have some property. In Weld County. We aquired 4 seperate QCD and a letter from a bank in 94 stating why we were given the QCD. We already leased two of the properties so we know we should be on record for all. A landman contacted us on the one property in question. So we know were on rcord. A lease was signed in the 80's and the property has been worked on and off over that time and currently has been producing. Royalties were paid in the 80's to our family

The problem is Bonanza Creek currently is working the property and recently did a spacing application for the whole section. The app state section 28 ALL. They have no record of our lease and cannot come up with any info at all. It does state on our QCD we have 1/5 interest in two peoples or Trusts names which they still cannot find. Since this property has canged oil company hands several times is it possible the lease expired.

We have hired an attorney who is searching records. I guess my question since we know we own this can we put a cease and decist order on the property to get Bonanza to do a indepth search if they still will not. Would this not create a big issue for Bananza if this were done. Can we legally do this.

Thanks for any insight