Oil company ignoring calls and emails

We were getting royalty checks from Payrock until we were informed they were selling all of their assets to Verdun oil company. Verdun sent us division orders and after sending them back two months ago, we haven’t seen anything. My family members and I have called and emailed the company numerous times over the last month and a half. We keep getting sent to a voice mail and our emails are never responded to. I have interests with multiple oil companies and have never been ignored like this before. Most companies respond within days. Before selling Payrock told us we were actually getting less than what we were supposed to and that we would receive back pay. Could that be holding Verdun up? I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Any suggestions on what we should do?

Thank you.

Send them a certified letter with your questions.

Good luck getting Verdun to respond to anything as they NEVER return my calls or have paid me all the missing wells over the last 4 years. Here is Rob Nielsen‘s (Land Manager) information: (713) 337-9274[rnielson@verdunoilco.com] OR Ray Garcia - Main Accountant 1 (713) 337-9284 1 (713) 256-1729[rgarcia@verdunoilco.com

Hey Windi, thank you so much for those emails! I contacted Garcia and he responded within 30 minutes. My situation is resolved! I cannot thank you enough!