Oil company contacted our family to drill on property where my family owns the mineral rights, but we aren't sure what has occurred since then

My grandmother and my mom were contacted in 2014 about some mineral rights in Payne County, and Devon wanted to put a horizontal drill on the property. This is shared among a group of cousins and their heirs. There has been little information given to us, so I assumed that nothing came of it, but want some clarifcation. I did some research on my own, kind fumbling around on the internet, and I think I found it, but am not sure. It is Section 23 Township 20 North Range 3 East. What I found said it was plugged and abandoned, does this mean that nothing was there at all? Also, i imagine it is expensive to drill unless you are pretty sure something was there. Lastly, do they pay a lease before they drill or after? Any assistance would be helpful.

Thanks, Allison

Also–if you look at Mineral Rights Forum September 20–the Midlands Reporter has Devon in their New Mexico wildcat now in Lea County at Cotton Draw Unit #507/#508, Allison.

Thanks so much for your very helpful response. We have not heard anything from the side of the family who originally let us know about the potential drilling, but how would I know where to find out if a lease was signed at some point after my grandmother was originally told. Would each family member have to sign or could a family representative have signed?

Thanks, Allison

Thanks for your response, but I am confused where to look. Is there a topic title?


Also, can you help me decipher how many acres that is?