Oil and Gas Royalty Lease Agreements

Does anyone know if the Texas Statute Sec 5.151 and 3.104 have any bearing on a Oil and Gas Mineral Royalty Lease Agreement?

Does any one know if anyone who signed one of these Royalty Leases has successfully argued in Texas Court that a Royalty Lease does have to abide by the Statute in terms of the specific language and font size etc?



I'm not an attorney, but as you aren't selling your interest, I would be surprised if it fell under those statutes. It's worth pointing out that the disclaimer only has to be printed in the offer letter and not on the face of the lease. Although the royalty lease appears to be an underhanded way of tricking people into giving up their royalty payments where there's production (or the potential for it), I don't see those statutes providing any protection.