Oil and Gas Rights to our farm or just a part

My father in 1968 purchased the last 57 acres from the owner of farm which now gives a 146 total acres. He always claimed that he had the gas and oil rights to the whole farm. In the

mineral deed . The first part of the deed is the standard deed of sale selling the 57 acres and description of the bordering properties east, north,south,west

BEING the same land conveyed to Albert J.and wife to Albert J. and wife by deed Sept 11 1942 and recorded in Butler court house deed book 5-- page 5-- and deed conveyed by Charles E

and Wife to Albert J and wife Sept 11 1942 and recorded deed book 5-- and page 5--

EXCEPTING out of such two tracts of land all of the conveyances made by Grantor Herein including deeds from 11 other parcels names deed books and pages for each property

SUBJECT ALSO oil rights in and under same which have previously been conveyed to other parties.


The first tract of land is a mineral deed showing 94 acres the owner sold to himself and wife

then the deed shows a certain tract of land which he claims all the rights for 274 acres of his grandfathers original farm. which now includes outer limits of the second tract of land.

The second tract deed is a deed which he gets his cousins land conveyances IN Fee

same date as his deed .

Do We own the rights for 274 acres ?. all other deeds lead to these deeds .