Oil and Gas rights Harrison County

Afternoon! My mother has recently been contacted by Pikewood Energy offering to purchase her gas and oil rights on property in Harrison County. She is thrilled with the offer because the existing lease with CNX isn’t paying her much of anything. I don’t like to look a gift horse in the mouth, but their offer amounts to about $1800 an acre which seems a little low. I really am unfamiliar with what a reasonable offer to her would be. Is this a reasonable amount or are they low? Any insights or advice would be welcome. Thanks!

Be cautious about offers to buy as they are usually low to the actual value-why would they offer unless they intend to make a profit! Try to find out what pending activity is in the area. Usually companies buy up minerals with royalties and then either flip them or wait for the new wells that are coming.

I am not in WV, but there are some very knowledgeable folks on the forum who can speak into the local values.

Thanks for your input. My problem is that we live in another state and there are no living relatives left in the area to question about pending activities. Her share is only 12 acres out of the 100+ acres, but I would like her to get a fair value on it. Her health is declining and a small cushion for her needs would be a blessing. Hopefully someone familiar with the Clay District in Harrison County may know if something is causing this interest. I feel better advising her to wait for now until I can try to find a little more information. I was afraid I was being too cynical or greedy. Thanks again.