Oil and Gas Processing Loss

It's rare that anyone ever talks about the process loss in taking whats comes out of the ground and turning it into a marketable product. What comes out of the well head in many cases includes a lot of different stuff. The brine is separated out before it can be measured and reported, in my case the Texas Railroad Commission (RRC). I've noticed on my property that what the operators report to the RRC each month for wellhead gas is about 4 times what eventually gets sold and becomes royalty. With oil, only 40% of what comes out of the wellhead turns into a marketable product. Granted, every location is different, and my spot may or may not be the best, but this processing loss seems so significant you would think there would be more discussion about it. One number that surprises me the most is difference between what the operators report to the RRC and what they eventually sell. Any thoughts on this?

I hope someone replies to this because it is question everybody needs answered. I have the same problem in trying to figure out what comes out of the ground, what is sold and what is taken out of the net. Please someone help.