Oil and gas lease

Hello All

Need someone to look at a oil and gas lease or formulate a custom lease

Cynthia, I believe you would be better served by an addendum or exhibit added to the lease unless you have a great deal of acreage as a custom lease itself could be much more expensive. Sometimes it's all in a name, if you went to an attorney to draft you a lease, he might not even ask if you would rather have an alternative as long as you could pay for the lease.

Cynthia, how many acres are covered by the lease you are needing help with?

I have 49 acres and owne 1/2 mineral rights


I found the attached document on MineralWeb.com very useful in explaining what the lease is actually conveying. Once you understand what is being said in the lease (get comfy, you'll probably nod off a few times) this Technical Report 229 really helps you make sense of it and even be able to draft some sort of amendment on your own that is reasonable. Worth a shot anyway.

Also, if you have a patient landman willing to answer your questions, it's very helpful.

1767-229.pdf (160 KB)