Oil and Gas Lease Offer Wetzel County

I have a relative who has a share in the Center District of 22.663 acres. They are offering an upfront payment of $472.15, then 15% royalty. The company is EQT, is this a good offer or what would be a good next step for her?

There are important parts of the lease that should ideally be reviewed with an attorney. The first offer is usually low. Are there other companies in the area? EQT has a reputation for being hard to work with, both during the leasing process and after. Maybe contact another company.

Can you suggest what other companies and where I can find their contact info? Thanks for the suggestion and input Nancy.

I found that SWN Production company is also active in Wetzel county. You can go to this link WV Office of Oil and Gas operator search and find contact information. I don’t know if they are working in Center District but they could tell you. I can suggest two law offices to contact and ask about the lease you have been offered and see if they know about other options. One is Kyle Nuttall who is a member of this forum. Search him here. The other is Windom Law Offices in Harrisville WV 1-304-643-4440. They are 2 counties south but are knowledgeable about the area. Read as much as you can on this forum to get informed about this process. A lot to learn!

Thanks so much, I will get started :slight_smile:

I have visited the oil and gas operator search but it does not seem to be working. When I go to search operator and agent address, there is no information that actually comes up. Don’t know what I am doing wrong. :thinking:

Angie I have a 4.93 acre parcel I was going to lease and the initial offer was 2500 from antero. I got them to 4500 and 20% of gross then contacted eqt and that offer is now 5500 and same percent. I’m shooting for 6500 so we will see. 5500 is not bad but I have been burned on the last lease a week after leasing with antero eqt offered 5500 we took 4500. Prices are headed up so check all of them.

Thanks so much for the reply Darren. I do not know how to get in touch with these other companies besides eqt who contacted us. Do you have info for others that I can reach out to?

Angie, I tried the link I posted and it seems not to be a good one. I looked up SWN and found this phone number 1- 832-796-1000 or try www.swn.com For Antero try their website www.anteroresources.com If you go to the West Virginia Office of Oil and Gas Website there is a lot of information but you have to dig around some. Probably best to do a search on the “West Virginia Office of Oil and Gas”

John Roels 304-545-3521. He is w0rking with antero. Sean cotter #7248160582 was with eqt but still is working in the area. Sean made our last offer at 5500 and john was at 4500. Good luck.

I tried the number for John Roels and it is not a working number, can you double check it please?

Your right I called too. The landman is now brad votaw. 304 641 4515. Talked to him today. He is offering me 5000 and 20 percent of gross. I’m not sure where your minerals are but check with him. I hope this helps. He is with antero.

Thanks so much Darren, they are in the Center District. I will give him a call and see what he says.

Hi Angie, I have an offer from EQT on 45 acres in the Center district of $250.00 for 5 yr lease and then 15% royalty of the net not gross. I am one of many heirs so IDK if this is good or not. Good luck to you.

I have received packet from EQT for the same exact amount of acreage offering $250 . I am from zanesville ohio

Angie Do you think it is strange that I was sent paperwork from EQT for the exact amount of acreage 22.663 in the center district . They offered me $250 plus 15%

Hi Ken, maybe so, I was told by the landman that there were a lot of people involved that they were tracking down.

Just to let everyone know center,grant,and church districts are very active areas. 5000 and 20% of the gross no pre or post production costs and no transportation costs taken out. This is what I got for a parcel in Proctor district which they are working towards developing but not there yet. They’re in your area developing now so at least shoot for the 5000.