Oil and Gas Lease offer from NorthStar Energy Company

I have received a proposed leasing agreement from NorthStar for mineral rights in Weld Country Colorado. Part of property is in Township 6 North, Range 61 West of the 6th P.M.

I was there several years ago and there was no activity in the area at that time. The offer is $400.00/NMA with a 3 year option at 17% royalty. I know nothing about this company or what is a fair offer for this area. Your advice would be appreciated. Thanks. SC

Hi Mr. Doak,

There does seem to be some activity in the township/range you mentioned. I have attached a plat I created in 6N-61W that shows the oil/gas activity with operators and spud dates (where available)

as labels. Hopefully this will help your negotiations.

Good Luck,

Canton Hall

Director of GIS/Mapping

1369-PetroSwellWeldCountyCO6N61W8x11.jpg (621 KB)

Thanks for the information. Having not done this before I am not sure what is a good deal.