Oil and gas checks 5 months after date of sale?

I received a royalty check on 1/10/19. it said for oil and gas from 10/15/19. Is it normal to receive checks from production 5 months ago. I’m getting monthly checks but production date is always 5 or 6 months before.

The first royalty check can be for the first six months or so of a well. They are supposed to be monthly after that. Read the terms of your lease and see what it says.

I have been getting monthly checks. However, the check stub shows the production 5 months earlier. Jan. Check for oil shows production from october. Is this normal??

That answer depends upon your operator and the terms of the lease. Many companies in OK pay about a month behind on oil and two months behind on gas if the well is robust. If the well is very small, then they may not pick up oil but every few months, so pay when they have enough to justify a pickup. The other thing to check is your Division Order minimum. It may be at $100. I set mine to $25 to get paid more often.

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