Oil and Gas Attorneys in Williston N D

I have inherited some mineral rights in Williams county ND and need info on how to proceed. We were contacted by an Oil company that want’s to lease them at what appears a very low number, anyone have any info on that area? There is a producing well there now and that company has permits to drill at least five more.

If you send the Section, Township and Range, i can give you more information. There are many good attys in Williston if you need a referral.

Thanks, section 28, T157N, R98W, I’m in Texas and it appears that N D and Tex have very different regs.

Yes. The specifics between the two states are very different. Were you nonconsented on the legacy well? Did the person you inherited the interest from lease the interest? There is a 2012 well there. There are some new wells being drilled there so I wouldn’t agree to a cheap lease. I’d think at this point, however, if you were unleased, you would have received something from the operator (Kraken) with AFEs and an offer to lease, which is required by ND law. If you have the specifics from who you inherited from, I can see what i can pull from the public records. Feel free to email me at drontal@overlandoil.com

Yes do did a referral for atty in N D. We are unleased, and Kraken sent a notice to my deceased Aunt, she had moved and they got the notice back. I spoke with them and they remembered sending it out and getting it back. Her name was Velma Stewart (Grouws), passed away in Harlingen Tx, 1995. They have made an offer–BOO!!

Since Kraken is drilling these wells, there is going to be a 30 day period from the delivery of the lease for you guys to decide whether to participate in the wells or lease your minerals (whether with Kraken or another party). Have you received any of those documents? AFEs?

no we have not heard back from my conversation and email with Kraken.

Any info on Williston atty’s?

Sorry about the delay. We have had really good experiences working with Rebecca Winkler of the Pippin Firm and any of the folks from Johnson & Sundeen in Watford City. The other firms we use typically represent operators so may have some legal conflicts.

Thanks, will give one of them a call.