Oil and gas activity in Sec 20-9n-4w

Does anyone have info on this sec20-9n-4w? I have been getting endless offers for leasing and court docs about pooling but unfortunately was sent a check for a 2 year lease extension. (Lesson learned there). Any info is greatly appreciated! Thanks

They are proposing a multi-section well in 20&29 9N-4W OCC Approval is in the application and hearing phases. You should see some actual orders issued before an permit to drill is submitted and approved. Drilling depends on many things, but you should see some activity in 4-10 months.

Thank you! One more question- after my 2 year extension lease with EOG expires, will I be able to lease at the higher prices that I have been seeing in the mail?

Only if they don’t start to drill a well prior to the expiration of the final 2 years.

Once they drill (or commence operations to do so) the well, the lease enters the secondary term. Basically as long as there is production on the property.

The “intent to drill” was in the paper today.

Congratulations to all !

Thank you for the info!