Oil and Gas Activities-Projections 2020 and Beyond

Hello to All, I am a new land owner for Block 45 Sect 37 Lot 24. Iam new to the Reeves County and General Mineral Rights Discussion forums. I would like to know if there is any upcoming potential projects coming up in or around this area?(Pipelines,Oil Drilling etc.). What are your thoughts on the future in or around this area? Would like to hear from all. Very impressed with their knowledge in and around the Permian and Delaware Basins!

Are you located in Public School Lands Block 45, abstract A-3498, L-shaped section 37, NW corner of Reeves, approx 2 1/2 miles from Culberson County line? If so, NE corner of Culberson a few miles north of you is super-productive, some of the best in Delaware Basin I hear.

Yes Sir! That is my exact location Roy. Hopefully they ll be some activity in my vicinity in the near future! I actually think with New Mexico work coming up Reeves County is in a great position.

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