Oil activity nearby

Anything happening in sections 9 02N 05W and 16 02N 05W, Stephens County?

Welcome back to the forum! No new drilling in the last year. You have the Gulfport Orin 2-9H which was drilled in 2016. And the Griener 1-9 from 1995. Orin is a nice well and should last many decades.

Sec 16 is pretty deep, so may not see horizontal drilling for a while unless the economics allow.

I hear Continental is going to be drilling a well through sec 8, 17 and 20 in 2NN 05W.
Can anyone verify this?

At the moment, I do not see any OCC cases regarding those three sections in the last 999 days.

I received a copy of Cause CD# 202101485, Order#720546 back in Sept. indicating applicant being Cheyene Petroleum requesting the addition of three new wells, location Sec.17&20 T-1S,R4W in Stephens Co. But as you point out Ms. Barnes, nothing as Lea has described. I believe the order was approved but I know nothing of the status of the new wells. I have received several offers to purchase my NMA in 17 in the high four figures so I assume something must look promising.

Your set of 17/20 are abut 18 miles away from the other set and have been approved. The Skeet HZ wells have spud. You can monitor progress at: https://imaging.occ.ok.gov/imaging/OGWellRecords.aspx


Thank you for your quick Reply, I was asking because there is a location staked in the NW 1/4 of 9 02N 05W. I heard it was Marathon. I own royalty’s in 9 and 16.

I hope they do get around to doing something, but I don’t see any permits or OCC cases in the last two years for 9 or 16 2N-5W. Another company is listed as the operator in 9.

Thanks everyone for this update on Stephens county. We have the following in Section 17. Is there any activity going on there?

County NMA Status Description
Stephens 20 Not Leased E/2 SE/4 Section 17 Twp 1S, Range 7W

Thanks for all of the replies.

Sorry to report that the only well that was drilled in that section back in 1955 was dry and no activity since then.

Wow - thank you Ms. Barnes for your reply.

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