Oil activity in Scurry County?

I know the oil market has taken a hit. Just curious what is happening in Scurry County? People seem to be interested in little 5 acres of mineral rights that I own?

What is your specific question?

Just wondering if recent activity in Scurry county. The oil business took somewhat of downturn recently. I have a few mineral rights there and there seems to be some interest again from another company. Just curious.

There seems to be an additional interest again in my minerals in Scurry county. Just curious why so much?

Debby, what is the exact location of your minerals…Section, Block and Abstract #?

I too have mineral interest in Scurry County and curious to know if any drilling activity has been going on there lately. I know this COVID crap has pretty much slowed down or even put a stop to all the activity that was going on. My mineral interest is section 142, block 3, abstract 1633. Any information that anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Mark …welcome to The Forum…In Section 142/A-1633 Clear Fork Inc. has drilled a well/API 415-35508/Lease Name: Echoes 142/Lease # 54134/Well # 2H/Field # 33998500 The well is listed as a Shut-in-Producer but as far as I can tell the well has been drilled and not completed::::Frac plugs have not been drilled out.


GIS(Geographic Information Survey) Map of Scurry Co. Section 142/Block 3/A-1633:


I have royalty’s in Section 139 block 3. I know they were supposed to drill a well but have no other information.

Thank you Clint for your for replying to my question. Any information I can get is greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

Scurry County Section 139/Block 3/A-662

Pzlm…Well API 415-35519 has been drilled by Browning Oil Co. Inc/The operator now is Clear Fork Inc. At the top of the drilling permit says the well is an ‘Unperforated Completion’.


API 415-35519 1H/Lease Name:::Great Smokey 139/Lease # 54152/Field # 33998500

GIS(Geographic Information Survey) Map of Scurry Co. Section 139/Block 3/A-662:


Thank you Clint for the information.

We are being asked to lease minerals under Section 181, Block 3 (adjacent to SACROC Unit). This offer is a typical low ball initial offering. Trying to research what to counter with.

Asking others here what are appropriate current leasing terms there. So far I’ve heard widely varying answers. Some say the lease bonus there should be $5,000 per acre, others have said $300 or $400 is more accurate.

Anyone care to offer their opinion on what a reasonable amount would be (and why their opinion might be more valid than the rest). Thanks in Advance for your help.

Sorry for the delay. My interests are located Section 154 Block 3. I just had an offer to buy at 2,500 acre? New to this and not sure if I want to sell my rights or if that offer even a fair one.

Debby thanks for the response. We were approached to LEASE for $250 per acre. I know that is well below a fair offer. Though I’m not sure just where that market is right now. So I was hoping others could share what they’re aware of.

As to your offer to SELL for $2,500 per acre… That seems low if there is any potential to develop Section 154. I can only offer you my usual advice, sell it if you really need the money. Otherwise don’t.

Did you get anymore information on this? I got the same offer.

Today I received division orders in the mail for a well that was drilled in section 142, block 3, abstract No. 1633 and 2624 in Scurry Co. When I talked to the landman a few months back the percentage of interest was a lot more than what is on the division order. How do I go about finding out who is correct. I have a friend that works for the RRC out of Wichita Falls and he said that somewhere around 3000 barrels were produced in August and September.

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