Oil acitivity in S\5-03\S04

I inherited an interest in oil and mineral rights and do not know anything about them. I leased it out in 2014 with an option to to renew and extend after 3 years. I only received $145 for the lease and then again 3 years later. I need to know what activity is occurring there. Continental Resources is the company, but I always talk to Bearcat Land for some reason. I need to know what it’s worth and if it’s worth keeping, and how much it’s worth. I looked on Google maps at that location and saw pump jacks, oil wells, and a new well being built in that area, and was wondering if I’m getting scammed. Please, any advice would be greatly appreciated

Stephens county seems to be heating up. Most on this forum would advise against selling.
Make sure your probate order is filed of record: https://okcountyrecords.com/results/name=crary:site=stephens/page-1

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What exactly is a probate order please?

If there has been a probate, many states like Oklahoma issue a final order of distribution describing the property and who receives it and in what portion. Other states like Arizona and Texas use an independent administration where the personal representative of the estate issues a deed.