Ohio State University's land in Doddridge County WV

Two weeks ago I found an article indicating that the (excuse me, "THE") Ohio State University owns/owned land in Doddridge County, WV and was thinking about selling the property. I now can not find the article and have not seen anything related using a web search. Does anyone remember the article? I am trying to follow up on the article. Yes, I have thought about contacting the university but have no idea as to which department. RCR12/12/2016

Try the University's Newspaper Website.

Won't it be nice if it was that easy? I'll have to contact the paper's office directly.

Google gaves me another website (business news) that has an article on the subject but it requires joining that site to read anything after the first sentence.

How much is the subscription?

You can try contacting the article's author or call the University's President's Office or their Administrative or Public Relations Departments.

Turns out the little bit of the article I saw on the business site was the article I saw during my search weeks back. It was originally published in a business magazine. The article was dated 2012. If what I have seen elsewhere is correct that was before the current gas drilling activity. RCR