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Can anyone recommend a mineral lawyer in Belmont Ohio. I don’t know if i ask this here, please delete if necessary. Thank you

You might try contacting the National Association of Royalty Owners. They have a chapter for Ohio. The board may be able to direct you to someone. www.naro-us.org.

Thank you very much for getting back to me.

Let me know if you can’t get through. I think I may have the past board chair’s number. You can also go through the Ohio bar association and check out their oil & gas specialty area.

The chapter can also help you understand pooling in OH.

Thank m.barnes. I see you need too be a member, but there is contact information on bottom of site. I am researching for a 77 year old friend, who received paperwork for his share of minerals, which are very small. There are 110 other extended family members who he doesn’t even know. The legalese is amazing, i have land in Texas, but i use a lawyer now,after i was taken advantage of 2 times, but the don’t do anything in Ohio unfortunately. I will try and contact them in an hour or so, i am on the east coast, so it’s an time difference and i doubt anyone is at work yet But i definitely will ask for your help, he needs to get this sorted out. Thank you for your help William

NAROOhio.org has a list of attorneys that work with Royalty owners. You can contact them directly at Info@NAROOhio.org.

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Thank you Dan, i was able to find through them.

I have a small mineral interest in Belmont County. I needed to talk to an attorney because the Ohio Mineral Title Act was used by the surface land owner to “claim” 50% of my interest. Because my percentage was so small, I could not get legal representation. I was a member of NARO, (very helpful) not renewing because my % is so small, now…but I will say, try to find an attorney that represents the mineral interest owner, NOT land owners. My experience was brutal, good luck!

Hello, i did find one who said they would look into it for my friend. Sent the paper work to them, but haven’t heard anything back from them.

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