Offers to purchase

I know 6-7 years oil and gas was being produced in this area. We are located in California and do not follow current production.

Reeves County section 14 C-5 S2sWSE

Last we knew, Well number 4303H was producing

Any other wells in this area?

Now we are getting at least two offers a week to purchase on mineral rights.

Any help is appreciated.




I’m going to assume you own in Sec 14 as written, the S2 of the SW4 of the SE4.

Cartoon of the area. What I think you might own in yellow. The 4303H well is red line. VTX permitted more ranger wells to the West of you (the diamonds with lines). You’d figure they will eventually do the same on the E2 of Sec 14. They (and predecessor PRI) have drilled a bunch of wells in all of the units to the South and SE of you.

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This is what my wife inherited. She is Elizabeth Uliana.

I hope the picture went through.

We are attempting to figure how many acres we own.

Your wife is in the tax rolls (property tax) owning 0.006853 decimal in the 4303H well. I think that is an allocation well (the amount you own in it is proportion to its length across the various tracts/ownership), so, I think that she is getting paid around 5% for the 20 acres. It looks like that is a 22.5% lease. So I’d say its something like 4.3 acres leased at 22.5%.

(4.31/20 * .225 * 1205’/8523’) = .00685 (her decimal in the well)

I didn’t look at any of the courthouse documents, just the lease from Mary Farbo that you referenced in 2013.

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based on deed records I believe your wife owns 50% of twenty acres…therefore ten net acres…

I can send you copies of those records if you’d like…no charge…