Offers to purchase

Has anyone recently sold property in Sec, 19, Blk 8 ?

Has someone made you an offer?

Which Blk 2? There are multiple blk 2s.

Not much happening around section 21, Blk 2.

Section 19, Blk 8 is much closer to some drilling activity.

Yes, one offer received and a couple of other phone inquiries.

Who made the offer and for how much per acre?

Robert: Please forgive me, but I'm new to this forum and am not sure how all this work. Are these messages public? Who are you and what is your position in Pecos County? I own a little over 26 acres, and to me the offer was substantial. I'm not comfortable disclosing specifics.

Please email me directly @ for a private chat.

I am a fellow mineral owner.

Will do.

I have recently turned this over to a mineral manager who will be negotiating the sale of my interest.

Yetta, Some of these wanting you to contact them may be mineral buyers.


Just sent you a friend request with a message attached.



Please feel free to contact me at 405-446-8354. I would love the opportunity to speak with your CMM about your interest.

Robert, could you tell me the going rate in Blk 8 right now also


Are you talking about Blk 8, H&GN RR Survey in Pecos county?

If so, that block has some very good sections and some not so good sections.

Which section or sections in Blk 8 do you own under?

ill message you


I sent you a friend request with a message attached, I have spoken with Yetta about her block 8 in the past. Feel free to reach out.