Offers to Purchase

Good Afternoon:

We own mineral and surface rights in Grant District, Wetzel County. Permits have recently been approved that will affect us as royalty owners. We are being inundated with offers to buy. Is this due to the permit situation or is this generally how the companies work? What is the current going rate for this area (even though we have no plans to sell because of the permit activity).

Also, what is the normal time frame from permit approval to actual well activity?


Mineral rights are going for all kinds of prices, but if you negotiate you should be able to get up over $6000 per acre. I mean, we recently negotiated a lease for a client at $6,500 an acre up in Marshall County. Most leases are going for around $4,000 to $5000 per acre in Wetzel/Marshall if you negotiate well. I don't see why you should sell for the same amount you could lease for.

I've heard that the permit process typically takes at least nine months. If someone on the industry side of things knows better, please let us know.

Thank you for your quick response. So 9 months for building the well pad until actual drilling begins? The permits have already been approved.


I agree with Kyle, but think if you were to sell, you might be able to get a higher price. I have seen some parcels in Wetzel for 8,000.00 / net mineral acre.

A lot depends on what company is drilling the well, from the time the permit is issued, until the bit hits the ground. Additionally, some companies are taking as much as 16 months to pay a royalty, from the time the first production is in the pipeline.

I would avoid making any major purchases until money is in hand. It is not unreasonable in my opinion to expect a three year, permit -> royalty, time frame. My personal experience, in Oct 2015 production started on a pad in Ritchie County, we have yet to receive payment and I have been in contact with the production company.


Thank you for this info. It is with a larger company that we are currently receiving royalties from on another property. However, we were in the dark about that property until a check arrived. So the current process seems very long to us.

We definitely are not making any purchases. Too many variables to even consider that. Just trying to be informed as to the whole process. We also keep in touch with the company regarding our land.