Offers to purchase 9-7-6 Grady County


Just got another offer to buy my mineral rights in 9-7-6. Not selling. But for general interest here are details:

85 nma, $21,000per nma at 3/16 royalty, total $1,785,000. Offer from The Mineral Resources Company.
Offer by mail enclosed a contract and a deed. Not selliing …at my advanced age it would just create estate problems income tax problems etc etc. (If I were inclined to sell I would never handle this much money without a formal closing w/ exchange of $ for deed).

Some of these offers that I am getting lately make me wonder just how serious the offeror might be, or whether it is to get the commitment from me in order to flip to a serious buyer.

Anyone know who this outfit is? Based on Oklahoma City.

Jim Brock


The Mineral Resources Company is part of Continental. I got a call from a landsman working for them as an independent agent, offering 20K/net mineral acre. I conter-offered and he got management approval for $25K. this is for a parcel in grady section 21.


You can always counter. A landman will never approach you with their ‘top’ offer. Also, I agree with you on exchanging the deed for the check.



Indiegoernie & Courtney: Thanks for the responses. I didn’t know that Mineral Resources was part of CLR. Reinforces my decision to hold on to the property.