Offers to buy mineral rights increasing

I have 80 acres mineral rights in section 166, Block 34, H&TC survey. I have the land leased until Oct. 2022 to SVR who assigned to Oasis Petroleum. Mineral Right Companies and Investment firms have all of a sudden started making offers. Is there a lot of activity in this area?

Percussion Petroleum filed 7 permits for horizontal wells in Section 166 and Section 165 in January. Three Pronghorn wells in SE/2 and four Shoshone wells in NW/2. Plats and permits and other details on RRC website. There are some excluded tracts in Section 166, so look to see where you 80 acres are located.

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Thank you. That is mine, you opened the door to a Title Opinion glitch and reason I had not been contacted. Getting the glitch fixed now.

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