Offers to buy lease in section 29 3S 3E

I’ve been getting all kinds of offers to buy my lease. Wondering if other owners are also getting offers. XTO has one well and they are approved for 6 new wells that would affect this area. I would also like info on how to really put a valuation on the lease.

Most people will tell you the offers are coming from people that know more than you. More owners are getting offers in the area so wait til someone gives specifics about offers to gauge. If you post what are are being offered then others can compare too. Be patient because those offers get better over time if they really want your interests.

Some people get a licensed petroleum engineer to evaluate their current well and then do projections of the future value of the future wells based on certain price ranges for oil and gas. They factor in the time value of money and put some risk on the timing and actual drilling of the approved wells. That is what the companies that are offering do. Then they usually offer land owners less than what they think the wells will make so the buyers have a profit.