Offers to buy in Weld County T6N-R64W

We are receiving multiple offers to buy our rights in T6N-R64W, Section 6SE and are concerned that the companies are all reputable. We want to choose the best price, but not get scammed. All the companies are giving us short deadlines to sign (end of month), so we are feeling pressured. We need help on how to proceed.

Where are they located? Ours is on the old highway to Wiggins just before you get to the Weld Co/Morgan County line.

Township 4 North, Range 61 West, 6th P.M., Weld County, Colorado, Section 24: SW1/4

T4N-R61W, 6th P.M.

Township 6 North-Range 64 West 6th PM Section 6: SE

I don't know about Susan but i hope she will forgive me for jumping on her thread, but i would invite offers.

I also have some mineral rights in Weld county that recently expired from a prior lease. I have not heard anything from people interested in them now. I hope to get some interest soon.