Offers to buy but not to lease minerals in 11-17N-08W

I have had bunches of thru the mail offers to buy my minerals, but none to lease. I would really rather lease...though might be open to sell at the right price.

Am wondering if the fact that the minerals are leased thru December 2015 has anything to do with this. And what's the best way to go about soliciting offers?

(You can tell I'm a newbie...thanks.)

Since you are already leased, that is why you are not getting any more lease offers.

This area is heating up quite a bit, so I would encourage you to wait for a bit and see what the drilling does before entertaining any sales offers. With the price downturn there are lots of robo offers out there to see if they can pick up any uninformed folks and get their acreage for cheap. The potential for multi-tract (long reach two section wells) is high. Also, there is potential for quite a few wells at several reservoir levels before this is all done, so hang in there and wait for a while. The right price is vastly higher than what they are offering you right now.

I would encourage you to read the MINERAL HELP area at the top of the forum, read the last six months on both the Kingfisher and Blaine and Canadian counties to get up to speed. Also, go online and read the last year of investor presentations for the big players in the Woodford and Meramec plays in OK. Newfield, Marathon, Continental Resources, Cimarex, Devon, Apache, etc. They have some excellent maps about where they are active and what they are doing. Please get informed before making any decision. You were wise to post on the forum and get feedback.