Offers from TAS Royalty

Hey there! I got a really low offer in writing ($200/acre) from Thomas Sikes at TAS Royalty in Blk 82, section 24. Anybody know if this is a reputable company? can I counter? Is there anything going on in the area? Thank you!

Could someone maybe point me to a good resource about negotiating mineral rights and how to get the best value, and what factors one should consider when negotiating?

Thank you!

Hello Vonnie,

Was this $200 offer to buy or lease your minerals? I see no activity or production for miles around. To the South I find where 2 dry holes have been drilled and to the West several miles where 3 dry holes have been drilled in the past.

GIS(Geographic Information System) map of Culberson County A-2327/Section 24/Block 82 and surrounding area:


Clint Liles

They are offering$200/acre to purchase all minerals/royalties, purchase half, purchase production interests. It's basically open-ended with the option to add conditions.

Vonnie…just hold what you have and wait. Clayton Williams land men are all over the area and will be making you an offer fairly soon. The duster wells Clint told you about in the area are not really indicative of what is below your land because of the depths they were drilled to. The play is stacked at least 7 levels deep separated by layers of impermeable shale in your area of Culberson county north of IH10/20. Clayton Williams group is one of the premier pioneers of ‘octopus’ horizontal well locations. That’s where they put up to 8 wells on a single location with laterals at various depths between the shale caps going in all directions to maximize oil and gas production from the various zones.
I advise you to be patient and don’t take the first offer from the Clayton Williams land men. Be assured, the BOOM is coming to Culberson county too.