Offers for purchase in T8N-R3W

There hasn't been much activity in this township.

However, recent tax stamps suggest minerals sold for $2650/acre across this township.

Multiple verbal offers to sell. Highest received is $2850/ac.

Lease offer received @ $500/ac. Seems low.

Depends upon which section. Western side is more valuable than eastern.

I see a deed at book 2280, page 127 that appears to cover a wide swath of the township. There's a similar deed in Cleveland County for Sections 3 and 4 of this township. Looks like the sale price was $3300/ac.

Offer to lease of $500/ac is in Sections 8 and 18. Thank you.

68 leases in 8-8N-3W in the last 999 days mostly from TS Dudley land Co. probably for the potential operator.

16 leases in 18-8N-3W in the last 999 days. Same thing. I am going to guess it will be for Newfield.

Many of those leases are going to expire in 2017, so drilling needs to happen before then. Newfield is drilling horizontal wells in 8N-5W and 8N-4W so they may be heading for 3W.

I heard of offers of $1000 1/5 and $500 1/4th in 8 a couple of years ago in the boom. If it were me, I would hang in there and not sell. This is not the boom area, but it could be developed if the price is right. Someone is speculating that will happen when they offer to buy.

Me and a friend have 6 acres in 5-5n-1w and we just got pooled by charter oak for a woodford. The lease bonus they want to pay is hardly anything and our only other option is to participate in the well. Is there anyone leasing in my section that i could lease to for a decent price? I only have 20 days since it has been pooled. Any suggestions?