Offered 40,000 for purchasing 5.33 acres in sec 19 T10N08W in Grady County.

Can anybody tell me whats going on in this section that is in favor of me not taking the 40,000$. Is that a good offer? My mom had 16 acres that got split 3 ways. I guess i am just asking should i sell. My sister will not. My brother is selling im undecided. Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated.

I wouldn't sell unless I really needed money .

hot area with leases up to $6000/acre many wells drilling real close with high production.

THINK TWICE, once it's gone you aren't going to get it back very cheap

Don't sell the minerals

Seems like a very low offer for selling. If I were you I'd look into wells in the area and proposed wells and before considering selling fish around for some other offers. If the area is hot you will get more offers. If new wells are proposed you might wait until you see what production will be. Maybe some other mineral owners or professionals in the area will reply and give you better info on what things are selling for. First offers are usually very low. Last year I was getting offers of less than $5,000/nma for minerals in another county, this year the offer is $15,000. My opinion is wait a while until you have more info and more offers before considering to sell. As others have said, once it's gone, it's gone forever.

How do i find out who is buying or get my info out there?

Yes it is

This response is absolutely not accurate. Please know all aspects before giving valuations like that, as you can cause people to have unrealistic expectations.