Offer to sell royalty interests

I live in Tarrant County, East Fort Worth, almost to Arlingon city limits on Interstate 30. I have received offers to sell my royalty interests from numerous companies, usually for around $600 to $700. I recently received an offer from Royalty Buyers USA LLC for $3,733. The Company shows to be out of Boerne, TX. Anyone know anything about this Company and why their offer would be substantially higher than any others. Is this Company and their offer on the level? THANKS!

I have gas wells producing in Arlington,TX by the highway from Vantage oil co. I have received anywhere from $300 to $13,000 for my property rights on the wells. Vantage offered me $7,000. three years ago soon after I acquired the mineral property rights. My grandmother sold the land but kept mineral rights and after she passed away ten of us in the family got 10 % of the first six wells that were drilled. Most of my cousins sold out their shares to Vantage for $6,000 but My aunt and I kept our rights and since the last three years they have drilled more so now have 16 producing wells and just signed contract for four more wells they now drilling. This area is of the richest veins in Texas from what I have read. We have earned well over what the cousins got and glad we did not sell out.