Offer to sell our oil & mineral rights in Martin/Dawson Co

We have a small royalty interest in the Amerada-Beaver well - Block 33T-4-N Sec 19 T&PRR. It has only produce a small amount over the years. We are interested in selling our royalties but our offer may not be as much as we can expect. Any help of ideas on what offers in that area are running?

How many acres do you own according to the offer? Many times the more acres you own the higher price you can receive.

My sister and I only have 4 acres.

The good news is that y’all are in the Midland Basin. The bad news is that you are north of the hot areas. Since its an older vertical well, getting paid on a net mineral acre basis is the way to go. Trying to sell based on current income is probably going to leave money on the table. Do you know how much acreage you have?

Honestly, its kind of hard to judge what acreage in that area is worth. From my perspective, I wouldn’t expect anything above $2,000 per net mineral acre - and even that might be pushing it a bit far.

At first I saw Martin County in the title and $2000 in Armadillo’s answer and I HAD to check where this was. I don’t know anywhere in Martin I’d put as low as $2000/nma. But this tract is a good bit into Dawson on the eastern Borden edge, and even outside of some of the conventional fields there.

I’m on the same page now. It won’t be terribly hard to find a buyer, but finding someone to value undrilled acreage there would take a certain buyer rather than these “send out mailers in bulk” type that are most common. Most buyers will only be valuing the well plus a few hundred an acre unless there’s signs of life nearby. You’re somewhat borderline to “signs of life” so that might get you a thousand or two per acre.

Is that 4 acres each or total? 4 acres total is not too large and I would agree with other commenters. There is not too much activity up that way.

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