Offer to sell in 12-5N-6W

What is going on in Sec. 12-05N-06W? I have received more offers to sell in the last week than I have ever received in the past 20 years.

Here is an image from the OK CLO website covering the property you are inquiring about (Outlined in red). Looks like there was a recent lease taken in the SW4 (Blue area) but other than that I’m not sure what to tell you.

I have also received several offers as well

I suspect that the offers are coming from companies that want to buy up your royalties in hopes of future wells being drilled. There is a lot of that going on right now. Quite a few increased density cases nearby, so that usually leads to massive offers. They usually know something the mineral owner doesn’t know. They certainly intend to make a quick profit. I would rather have that profit, so I hold onto mine!

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Thank you for the reply. I appreciate it.

Don & Megandunn Either willing to share who has been making the offers