Offer to purchase royalty interest

I own 9.3 net royalty acres on NW/4 of Section 10, Block 36 T1N, T&P Ry Co Survey in Martin Co TX. I am being offered $5K per net royalty acre. I realize they are low balling me, but how low? Thank you!

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I own 20/320 subject to a 1/6 royalty on 321.69 acres.

I have received 139 offers since 2013.

Received 36 offers so far in 2018 ranging from $205K to $458K

Your offer of $5K seems low to me, but what do i know?

Question: is your interest producing or non producing?

It has been producing since 2004.

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That is low by a factor of two or three, probably.

Probably a flipper who will sell the interest for a higher $$$ amount.

Well below market rate. Do not sell for $5k/NRA. If you are looking to sell I can probably find a buyer for you paying at least double that! Maybe even triple!

True, I know buyers who would pay $10,000/royalty acre minimum

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that what minimum rate to lease is for that area

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