Offer to purchase minerals


Received letter today from Raintree Energy, LLC offering to purchase my minerals in section 25 06 North 04 West.
Something must be a stirring. The offer is $5650. per acre, which I know the price could be higher. Although I am not interested in selling at this time. Just wanted to pass this info on.

For now the Whetstone well seems to be producing quite well. It would be really nice if Casillas would add another well.


We are in section 24, our offer got up to 9000. We said no, looks like something was found.


Received another offer at $7200 per acre to sell all or part of interest. This offer was from Pentex.
Can someone tell me why I’m getting offers, I mean the new well is producing. Do they know something is up, is that an indicator that another well might be added soon?