Offer to purchase minerals in Sec 22-14N-17W

I manage mineral interests, both producing and non-producing, for my family. We received an offer to purchase our mineral estate in 22-14N-17W. There is a vertical well called the Jantz on the property that I believe is currently shut-in. We have not received a royalty check in quite sometime. The offer is for $3k per acre. Has anyone else received similar offers in 14N-17W? I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you in advance.

Have not received an offer in writing but we have been approached on a few occasions to sale for 3500 per acre. In that vicinity. 21/22/23/26/33 14N-16W. Current leasing offers of 800-1200 per acre.

Thank you for your feedback. Seems like the offer is in line with the market. Thanks again.

Hi J Mos, can you please give me a call when you have a sec. 405-203-9800.

Thank you,

Grant R.

Grant, We are not interested in selling anything at this time and everything except for one track is under lease. Thanks anyway.