Offer to purchase mineral rights on 25-5N-6W

Hello I am new to this forum. I inherited mineral rights in 2002. I’ve never sold my interests and I am thinking of accepting an offer I received recently for sec 25 5N 6W Grady County. Looking for an attorney to review the offer and I need to understand the valuation of this interest to determine if the offer is reasonable. Offer is $15,500 for 3.7nma. However I signed a lease recently with Camino and the buyer is deducting the royalties I received on the Abel well that began producing in mid 2018. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Well, I think that offer is very low ($4054/ac) considering that I have heard of $19,000/ac at 3/16 in section 36 adjacent to you. Or did you mean $15,500/ac? That would be closer. Be aware that you are walking away from all the royalties on the Abel well and any future wells if you sell. You might want to go look up the increased density hearing maps from case 201708537 and see how many future wells you might be walking away from.

Good afternoon thank you so much for your feedback it is appreciated. I plan to share your comments with my brother and sister. I’ve never really paid attention to what I inherited from my grandfather until recently. I find the mineral interest and the industry fascinating and want to learn more. I plan to reject this offer and engage a professional to appraise my interests before I sell any holdings. Thank you again for the help.