Offer to purchase mineral rights in Custer County

We have been solicited by Maverick to sell our Custer County mineral rights. Does anyone know if there is activity for drilling in the area again?

Thanks so much

Hi Mary, Haven't been on the site for a while and just saw your post. I too have been approached for lease or sale of my rights and yes there is to be another well drilled on our section. It is to be a horizontal drilling and with so much interest, it is my guess that a good well is expected. I believe you leased at the same time as I and if so, we are still leased to Continental for about a year. I personally have no interest in selling any rights and if so many are trying to buy at a cheap rate, then that also tells me to keep what I have. The last time drilling was done here they called it a dry hole and that is not always the truth of the matter.


I have 80 NMA in Custer and at age 71 I'm ready to sell, not lease. My impression is that there are prospects for activity in the county and some interest has been expresed (not by Maverick), and I'd sure appreciate any info as to what price per NMA folks have received lately.

I have been off for a while. Thank you all for your comments. We have not and do not have any intention of selling. Thank you all for your comments. We will hope something comes of it all. Mary

if you are still interested, let me know.

My parents drilled into us kids that we NEVER sell our mineral rights. Ever, ever, ever. The surface land was sold many years ago so we don't own that. It may not happen (a producing well) in our lifetime but it could for our heirs. It costs nothing to own mineral rights. In fact, there are heirs to mineral rights out there that never know/knew they had them. It's really easy to sell your rights for a piddly amount & maybe that would make a big difference in your life right now because it is cash in hand. This is a decision you have to make. Make it work for you & your heirs. But, we will never sell ours. We have a smidgen of rights in OK but have over a 1,000 acres in west TX where they just discovered a new vein. You may have an undiscovered vein under your land that you are asking about. Good luck. P.S. I've been trying to educate myself on this process of leasing, etc. I use this forum as well as others & talking to anyone I can find that knows anything about this. Ask your landman questions. They are usually happy to answer them.

Do you still have these for sell?

Please Note, we are NOT interested in Selling. We were only inquiring to any activity in the area.

I've discussed sale of my Custer County acreage with a few landmen and at this point nobody's willing to pay me enough to make it worthwhile. On the one hand there are reports of good prospects for the area, on the other hand I've been told that the decline rate is such that Custer's undesirable. Makes me wonder why I was getting calls out of the blue from landmen professing interest. Bargain-hunting, I surmise. I wonder- has anybody on the forum been able to sell Custer rights for any kind of a respectable price?

If you're replying to my post re 80 NMA in Custer, yes, still interested in selling for a decent price.

Hi Robert,

Where are your minerals located? Section Township Range?

An undivided one half interest in the Southwest Quarter (SW/4), Section 1, Township 15 North, Range 18 West, Custer County, Oklahoma. (80 NMA)

Mr. Riley,

Looks like there was a gas well there that stopped producing sometime in 2013? I've been doing research in Custer County because I have a client that is interested in selling their mineral acreage just to the West of yours. If I am able to find a buyer that meets their needs I will update anyone who is interested.

Gates Mueller

Western Brothers Resources

Thank you, yes that's my information. One gas well not presently producing. As I said, I've gotten several calls but from, it seems, bargain-hunters, so far. So I'm still hanging on to the 80 acres waiting for a decent offer to sell.


Whoa hey!! To paraphrase Eddie Murphy in "Beverly Hills Cop"- Talking bad? Moi? Months ago I wasn't interested in selling- and now I am- but I'm sure I never "talked bad" about anybody making me an offer. Unless politely declining an offer that seems on the low side is considered "talking bad."

Good afternoon Mr. Mueller,

We recently received an offer to lease our NMA in Section 4&9 T15N R18W. Do you know what is a good price to lease for?

What are the legals?

Is this question directed to me?

Might check this website to get an offer.