Offer to Purchase Interests Upshur and Reeves Counties

I have fractional ownership of approx 11 properties in Upshur and Reeves counties. While I have received a number of offers, I had one recently that seems attractive. I don’t see myself accepting this offer (which includes a bank draft) but I would like to understand the best way to assess the value of these mineral rights, e.g., paying for an appraisal or finding a broker.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

There are appraisers listed in the Directories tab above. You can use the magnifying glass to search for the word “appraisals” and see the many comments that have already been posted regarding the topic. Be very wary of any that attach a bank draft. Most offers start out low and I have seen bank drafts that had very (dangerous to the mineral owner) wording on them. Never ever hand over a lease or deed without getting paid by a direct deposit-not a bank draft.

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