Offer to lease section 38 T7 block 52 Reeves county, Texas

An offer has come in on the above described property for an expiring lease. The offer is 3 year, ¼ royalty, 5,000 pnma. Any ideas on this offer would be greatly appreciated.

I know of an extension of a lease in this same sec, township and block for $10,000 pnma.

Sent you a "friend" request Came... ;)

If you’re asking me…Brigham Exploration is offering 5K. Have over 20 acres.

It wouldn't be right for me to name names but I work for the family that negotiated it so I know it to be true. :)

I know that the OGL between parties is public record but personally don't know how to find out what it leased for. That's why I've signed into this forum to try to find out if the lease offers are reasonable. I believe there is software that one can buy that at least mentions a range of lease bonuses paid in an area but one has to subscribe or buy. Is that what you are talking about? When you say it's all public record that makes me think it would be free info (i.e. RRC oil and gas production info).

Rick, how many acres do you own? Thanks