Offer to lease sec 11 9N question


sign on bonus offer was $150 w/ 1/8 royalty or $100 w/ 3/16 royalty.
Does anyone know if this is the going rate for the area, or know if there is any activity in this area?
Thanks for any help you can give me.


That is an incomplete description. It should be something like Section 11-9N-xE. We need you to fill in the x to help you.


Thanks for your reply. It is Sec11 9N 5E. Sorry - this all kind of confusing to me. We inherited these mineral interests from our mother and none of us know that much about it;)


The SE 1/4 of that section pooled in Dec for $150 3/16. I would say it should go for at least that.

Others in the area seem to be in the $75-$100 3/16, but the above “should” be more relevant.


Thanks so much!