Offer to lease in Custer County

We’ve been offered $600/acre with 1/6th for a 3 year lease in Custer County 30-12N-17W. Seems ridiculously low to me after dealing with minerals in Blaine and Canadian counties. What anyone else seeing out there?

Too low. Custer county offers are coming up. And 1/6. Really?

You are correct. Heard of them?

Yes. We have a pending lease on Sections 13 and 14. Waiting on the money. Apparently they didn’t pay our neighbors in the allotted time. They are really bad about not returning calls. I am not impressed with them so far.

Thanks for the info.

I have to say that they have filed many oil leases in Custer County so they must be paying for some leases. I don’t know but speculate that they are paying the ones that take their lower offers such as the one they offered you.

Probably so. What are some of the better leases that are being negotiated in Custer County?

Right in this area I’ve heard from 750 to 1050, 3/16, 3 years. Some with no option some with 2 Yr. option. Just north of 47 Highway I hear they are getting more.

Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.


Just an update... We received the checks yesterday. The bank verified the funds so all looks on the up and up