Offer to lease, Grady 16-4N-7W

I recently got an offer to lease in this section. For the first time ever, the offer is for over $1000 per acre. The last lease I had here for significantly less, expired a while back. I'm wondering if there are similar offers to owners in this area. I know that there are minerals in areas north of here that are leasing for a lot more. If anyone is aware of activity in this general area, please reply. Thanks.

Two leases, I in sec.12 and one sec. 13 both for $1600/a

Looks like a 1280 h well drilled by Vitruvian ii woodford, llc. and waiting on results for the above sections

Hope this helps

Are you talking about the the 12X13H well in 4N 7w We have an interest in that well. Gulfport is now the operator. Can't seem to get any info on why it is taking so long to complete. Only that they had to rework at least once.