Offer to buy oil and gas interest

Received an unsolicited offer to purchase oil and gas interest. How do I go about finding out exactly what we have and what it’s worth?

Bryan- please specify county, section/township/range so we can begin to help you out. Get educated on what you really own before you decide to sell.

I think I’ve found the name of some of the wells, but I don’t know what to even look for after that.

Several tracts are listed…Amite County, MS T1N, R4E Sec 2: sw4 nw4; Sec 2: ne4 nw4; Sec 3: all

T2N, R4E S29: e2 se4; S29: n2 ne4; S41: sw4 nw4; S30: se4 ne4; S24: nw4 ne4;

T1N, R6E S32: w2 sw4