Offer to buy my rights.How to figure out sell?

My now late aunt gave me the mineral rights she inherited from her husband. He died in 1991. Legal description says mineral rights for 136 acres in Dewey County.

I received an unsolicited offer to buy the rights.

I'm happy to sell, and happy to keep & lease if something is happening. If that's better.

What activity is going on? What is planned?

How do I figure out what I need to know?

Drake Zimmerman

Drake I have 28 acres I Dewey county. Well was drilled and complete in 2011. My payments for 2012-2015 have been over $50,000 Not bad for small acreage. I would recommend never selling. Thinks will come back. They can drill up to 6-8 wells per section with horizontal drilling. Mine is section 1 16n 14 west. The Tulsa word lists Oklahoma drilling activity every Tuesday in the paper. Also you can search Corporation web site. Hope this helps