Offer to buy my gas and oil rights

I inherited an approximately 2 acre share of 184 acres of gas and oil rights in Tyler County and signed a lease with Noble Energy last year, receiving a check for $4000. The other day I got a letter from Energy Deep Resources asking me to contact them about selling my rights. They said if I owned the entire 184 acres, they would pay almost $900k for them.

Does anyone have an opinion about this? I know that drilling in Tyler Co. has slowed, but I haven't followed it closely.


First, I would have greater faith in Noble Energy's title work than Energy Deep Resources, Noble would have done a Certified Title, prior to production and most likely post-production, before any royalties were paid.

Additionally, 900K for 184 AC equates to $4,891.30, significantly lower than the value in my opinion. Using the numbers you provided, $4,000.00 in revenue on 2 acres and multiply that by 92 (the factor to equate to 184 acres), that would provide you revenues of $368,000.00 / year and an offer of 900K would only take 30 months, before the well paid for the initial purchase.

Obviously, I do not know all the factors of the parcel you own, location, lease specifics, et al., but it is not uncommon for parcels in Tyler County to be selling for 8k - 12K / net mineral acre.

If I were in your shoes, I would hold onto your interest and enjoy the 4K revenues.


I really appreciate your insight! Noble hasn't even applied for a permit yet, and I don't know what they're going to do as I believe they have closed their Pennsylvania office and consolidated it with their Texas office. Seems like most of the permits issued that I'm aware of have been to Antero. It's only been a year since I signed with Noble, and fracking seems to be on a downturn lately with the energy gut, but perhaps it will turn around. I'm hoping to be around for a few more years and maybe I'll end up getting a royalty check every now and then.


Maybe I am overly optimistic, but so is Energy Deep Resources if they are willing to buy. Yes, drilling has been cut back, but the industry goes through cycles. I am still in a buying mode and Energy Deep Resources has deeper pockets than I, with greater research resources, so that should speak for their outlook on the industry. I hate seeing Wall Street becoming major mineral holders in what use to be extra income for local families.

In reference to being around for a few more years; take my outlook, be too ornery that neither heaven or hell is willing to tolerate me, giving me many years to walk the earth.


i own rights in tyler county shrily area. nobel a good firm to work with hahaha they have none nothing but jerk me round. all sweet as pie till they get you to sigh then it’s like cutting teeth to get a answer. if you got 4 grand on two acre then you are lucky. after much stress in dealing with them i got a new drill date of sometime in 2017 when this lease runs out they will not get another. i see alot of so called pros blowing smoke up peoples butts. i have read much of their horse hocky on here . i do believe they are being paid by big firms to miss lead people. o’ one thing that pissed noble off was the failed forced pooling. which they were a big pusher of. meaning if joe doughnut sighed of 50 dollars, everybody else must take 50 dollars like it or not. ( that’s the easy break down). what we all need to do is come together and form a l.l.c…

where you at ? oz? noble is a rip off. cannot say what i got in sigh up bonus. thats in the contract . but it was way less then 2 grand and acre! like to know whom is getting 8k plus and acre? and the chat reads 4000 sigh on bonus. thats not well head production revenue.

You are saying about $5,000/acre. This tells me it's a relatively good well. 2 acres, however, is not

going to make a lot of difference either way> If you could use the $$$ on something you want fine, sell.

If not, keep----over time you will probably receive more-----how much more????. What's your age?? Got grandkids??/ my advice, sell if you need $$$, keep if not. ps, this is probably only their first offer----but maybe the only offer

No, William not $50.00------THE HIGHEST PAID IN THE AREA!!!!

whatever THE HIGHEST WAS PAID IS GENERALLY WHAT THE FORCED POOLING WILL BE. The purpose of this is to make sure one person cannot hold out for say $1million per acre and thereby not allowing anyone to drill. This would also prevent you or anyone within the unit to receive any production payments-----no drill, no well, no $$$$ Thanks, John

I can only speak for myself, but my experience with Noble has been extremely positive. I have a few parcels, work with various production companies, but am far from a "so called pro". Might I suggest you hire an attorney if you are being "jerk me round", counsel may alleviate some of the issues.

You would be wrong in North Dakota.

You would be very close in Oklahoma as it would be the most reported but not necessarily the most.

I wouldn't speak with such conviction if you were not well versed in West Virginia oil and gas. Are you in fact well versed in WV O&G?

In WV I do not know!!!

In Oklahoma it is by sworn testimony of professional witness as to what the highest rate paid at the time is was! I was certified as a "professional" witness back @1973. Unless it has changed it is the same. The purpose is to keep someone with say 100 , 300, or 50 acres , from preventing the drilling of a well which may benefit all under the well.

ps. I haven't bought a lease in N. D. in 30 years. You are correct in your conclusion!!! Thanks! John

Mr. Mcyoung, if you want anything from a lessee you have to get it before the lease or in the lease itself.

They don't want to talk to you after they get the lease. Unless you are contacting them to sell your interest cheap, you don't have anything they want to hear. It's "Don't call us, we'll call you!" Nobel would not be the only operator of that opinion. They have the lease, they literally don't need anything more from you...unless the lease should expire with no drilling, then they will send someone else to get a lease from you if you will not sign with them. The 3rd party landman will tell you the lessee is confidential information.

"If" you should get the opportunity to lease again, make sure you get what you want in the lease, not just what you want now but what you may want in the future because if they drill and get production there probably won't be a "do over".