Offer to buy mineral rights

I have owned mineral rights in Blaine county for many years - did not even realize if it had

value until I started getting unsolicited offers. I have 36 acres in Section 20, Township 16,

Range 11 West and I have been offered $7.500.00 per acre. Could anyone please tell me if

this is a good offer? I have very little knowledge about this type of transaction and I would

appreciate any help or advice that could be given.


Ronald Elliott

Ronald - I believe that is on the low side from what others have posted. That is a very hot area of Blaine County and, honestly, one of the hottest areas in the nation right now. If you look through the Blaine discussions I think you'll see some of the other offers.

thank you very much for your reply and information, I will continue to check around in the Blaine area and see what I can come up with

Very low offer. Friend me with the icon on the left and we can chat privately.

Without knowing the details of the lease holding your minerals, like the royalty percentage, it could possibly be a very good offer. However, if the lease has a 25% royalty and pugh clauses, it is a low offer. When selling minerals you need to convert your mineral rights to royalty acres. Feel free to message me with questions, or combining your minerals with others to get a better price.

I just sold some small acreage i had in 16-11 on a 3/6 for 12k per acre. Your getting lowballed

What’s the latest information in Sec 23-16n-11w?

Also, 24-16n-11w?

If you don't mind me asking, who did you sell to Bart? Could you email me at ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■.