Offer to Buy Mineral Rights

I am a first time user here on this forum… Received an offer to buy mineral rights in Montague County TX from Permian Basin Acquisition Fund. Wondering why now are folks interested in purchasing, the rights are currently being leased by EOG.

Hi Sue, Welcome to Mineral Rights Forum. You’ll find it easy to use. One item of note, if you’ll post a picture with your profile, you’ll generally get more response.

I too own minerals in Montague County. I leased in January of 2007, and my lease recently expired. Frankly, I’m not sure if they’ve drilled on it, but I’ll find out real soon.

Regarding your question, an offer to purchase is simply that. Someone (company) is simply betting that they can purchase mineral rights that in the long run will make them more money than they have to pay for them. Each and every situation is different. There are no magic answers as to “whether I should sell or not”. Your situation, your property, your desire/need for ready cash, the amount offered… all these are unique to you.

If you care to, you might list the specific location of your property and see if other members of Mineral Rights Forum have property in the vicinity.


Dear Mrs. Stallworth Reynolds,

Just remember that if you SELL your mineral rights you forfeit any royalty payments. If you LEASE your mineral rights, you are entitled to royalty payments on any future production.


Philip Wynne