Offer to buy mineral rights in 34 2n 3w

I got a offer to buy 30 acre’s for $ 2500 a acre .Is that a good offer ? And I think it should leave Thirty acre’s .

I leased for 3k per acre in 34 when oil prices were way below what they are now, therefore my opinion is NO. With that being said, these are unprecedented times.

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It somewhat depends on the royalty the minerals are subject to if any. For that area, I personally think that is a little low, but that area has some crazy faulting and that is why not much activity. Good luck.

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Are there crazy faults in section 17 2N3W as well? Wondering why Ovintiv wasn’t drilling.

Ovintiv has their focus on 3 & 10 at the moment.

I’ve been offered 6000$ a mineral acre for my interest in 3 and 10 recently, because Ovintiv and Warwick both are filling to increase density drill those sections

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