Offer to acquire easements

Hi All, everybody was so helpful last year when I leased out my mineral rights on less than an acre in Reeves County, so I’m back with another question.

Turns out that I own the surface rights, too, and have received a letter from ETP Crude wanting to put in three easements for $600. The offer says “paid proportionately,” which I have no idea what that means. They describe a temporary and a permanent easement. What sticks out to me is that this permanent easement shall be in perpetuity, so basically they are buying a portion of my land for a very small amount of money.

Is this the normal deal in these situations?

The tract number for one of them is RV-APBS-001.000 in Reeves County if that helps.

Thanks for any answers, Jo Ellen Gillmar

You can negotiate easement which terminates upon cessation of use. Allow only one pipeline of fixed size. Temporary easement will be larger area during construction period. The paiud proportionately language means that if you own 1/10th of 10 acres (which is 1 net acre), then you will be paid 1/10 of total ROW payment for the easement and the other surface owners will be paid 9/10. Same as your lease bonus was calculated. Is the $600 for only you or for all surface owners combined? Pipeline easemddnts are paid by the length of the line across your tract and by the size (diameter) of the pipeline. The letter and plat should tell you this information or ask the agent.

Hi TennisDaze, the $600 is for me for 3 easements, some permanent and some temporary. My cousins and siblings own the rest of the ten acres, but we were each offered the $600. Perhaps I need to check on that.